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This is the band's second full-length album, and it builds on the band's characteristic, dark and doomy '90s black metal with both harshness and beauty. Incorporating innovative elements and skillful blending of various styles and moods, Svart Lotus is ascending to new heights with this latest release, showcasing the true artistic capabilities of the band in a well-arranged composition of eight tracks for close to 40 minutes of playing time. The Norwegian title-track roughly translates to “like a bad year”, and the album lyrics deal with contemporary issues of human nature, ego, existentialism, darkness, doom, hopelessness, and despair - suitably covered by cuts from the classic Dr. Mabuse's psychoanalysis.

Som et Vondt År” also boasts outstanding guest artists, including Nag (Tsjuder) delivering sections of screaming vocals, Eldur (Fortíð) contributing with his unique clean vocals on “Hat og Forakt”, and Jarrett «Nekronatalenheten» Pritchard on lead guitar on "Cryptic Lights"!

Svart Lotus - Some et vondt år

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